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Catching up, and Building Your Author Platform.

Hi all,

Wow what a week!
My last blog piece Applying For Your ITIN was read by the fantastic Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin from She asked me if I was interested in padding it out slightly with information about myself, such as why I was applying for an ITIN, and would I be interested in her hosting it on her website., The Home of Irish Writing Online, is Ireland’s largest writing related website, so it was a great honour to be asked. Here is the completed article on the website
              The rest of this week has also been busy, between some rewrites and edits on my first novel I, Vladimir, I’ve also been working on something we call Building Your Author Platform.
Building your author platform as I see it, is very like preparing to launch a new business. There’s no point on the first day opening the doors to new premises, without putting up the signs above the doors and not advertising or announcing in the local press beforehand who you are or what you are providing as a company. Like any business, you advertise in advance, you let people know what you’re going to be providing and you let people know when you’ll be opening. In the same way, if you wait until your novel is due for release it may be too late and you could be left wondering why it’s not selling.

Building Your Author Platform works in a similar way, you interact with people through the various social medias, slowly building up an audience of people who will be interested in you and your book when the launch finally comes. Remember the golden rule though, it’s not all about your book, it really is about interaction and the sharing of information.

How is it done?  Very simply really, help each other out, give reviews, help by sharing others launch dates and news, and use all of the social medias that are available to us - we’ve all heard the phrase Pay It Forward.
I’m not a hoarder of information, I believe in sharing everything I find of interest. At the moment I am spending a lot of time looking into Building Author Platforms so if you’d like to learn more or indeed want to share anything you may find of interest, please do. You can find me on my Facebook and Twitter pages, links are below.

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Interview with author Danielle Rose-West.

I would like to welcome romance novel writer Danielle Rose-West to my blog. 
  Danielle is the author of the novel Phoenix Rising, which is due for release this Friday 28th March 2014 and just to give you a little taste of it we've included the book synopsis and an excerpt - hope you enjoy it.

Daniel Kaye - Where were you born, and where do you call home?
Danielle Rose-West - I was born in England and I have lived there my whole life. 

DK - What is the name of your most recent book or WIP and if you had to sum it up in 30 words or less, what would you say?
DRW - The title is Phoenix Rising. I would say, it’s magical, romantic, and heart driven. The story is about people, life experiences, and overcoming all obstacles to find one true love. 

DK - If you gave one of your main characters the opportunity to speak for themselves, what would they say about you?
DRW - Rhys would say I’m very patient! When I first started writing his story, he just wouldn’t show himself to me. I wrote forty five pages, and none of it was right. I had to take a break from the book and when I came back to it, I binned every page I’d previously written. Rhys likes to be seen for who he really is and hates to be misunderstood. He certainly made sure I worked hard to find every angle of him, and it was worth it. I think he would appreciate the time I took to make sure I captured him correctly. That would be something that meant a lot to him.

DK - Do you have plans for a new book, and is this book part of a series?
DRW - I have a lot of plans for new books. There is still one more Fairy Tale Match book to come and then I am taking my fairy godmothers into a whole new series, which I am very excited about. I have another book in the works for my Haunted by the Past series and I have two new series in the pipeline. One is a time travel with magic thrown in. That is proving quite a challenge, but I’m loving it. The second I won’t say anything about right now, except that it has to do with a magical statue! I am really excited about it. There is a third series I have been toying with for some time, but I don’t know when I will start that. Believe me, my imagination has plenty yet to come.

DK - Where and when do you prefer to do your writing?
DRW - I have a little spot in my living room where I sit and write. It just seems to be the best place for me to be really comfy, cosy and creative. I write at every chance I get, but my favourite time is often in the evening when the house is completely quiet. My husband’s job involves him getting up really early many days, so he often has to sleep much earlier in the evening than I do. I stay up later, sitting in my little corner, and tapping away on my laptop. Perfect!

DK - Laptop, desktop or pen for writing?
DRW - As I gave away above, I love to write on my laptop.

DK - Who designed the cover of your book?
DRW - I am incredibly proud to say that I did. I absolutely love to design the book covers. It is so much fun and very creative. I don’t have to try and explain my vision to someone else or trawl though pre-made covers looking for something that will fit my story, as I did when I first started out. Instead, I check out stock sites looking for the pictures that will fit my design idea and then comes the challenge of creating in reality what I have in my head. It can be a really tricky sometimes, but I am so pleased with the results.

DK - Do you have a book trailer?
DRW - I do. You can see all my trailers on You Tube at this address:

DK - What are your thoughts on book trailers?
DRW - I think they are a fun way for people to feel your book and for it to come alive for them. I quite enjoy making them. It’s another dimension to just reading the book synopsis.

DK - Do you have any advice for other writers?
DRW - Don’t give up! It is so important to believe you can achieve your goals. Don’t let a bad review or a negative comment get you down. There will always be readers that don’t like your book, but there will equally be readers that love it. I would also say, don’t do this for the sole reason of making a ton of money. Do it because you love it. That’s a true writer. We write because we love to create and tell stories.

DK - Is your book in Print, eBook or both?
DRW - Both. It’s available on Kindle and through create space as a print edition.

DK - Have you self-published and if so how would you describe the experience?
DRW - I do self-publish. I, personally, love it. I like the control it gives me to design my covers and to keep my story the way I want it to be. I have heard quite a few horror stories from traditionally published authors about their work being changed and being asked to write things they didn’t want to write. I love creative freedom. It is hard work with marketing, but then I have been told that publishing houses expect you to do most of the marketing yourself anyway. I wouldn’t want to be a traditionally published author. I love the indie life.

DK - What books have influenced your writing?
DRW - Romance authors in general inspire me. I do try to think of original ideas. I don’t like to follow fashion trends in writing. I have to write what I love or I simply can’t do it.

DK - Is there an author that you would really like to meet?
DRW - Does a dead author count? I would have loved to meet Agatha Christie. I think she was an amazing story teller and her characters were so rich and varied. She really knew how to bring a mystery together. What a talented lady she was.

DK - Do you have an e-reader, and do you prefer it to traditional published novels?
DRW - I have a kindle and I also have paperback books. I like both.

DK - Where do you prefer to buy your books?
DRW - I buy a lot of my books from Amazon.

DK - What book would you like to read again?
DRW - Anything that really touches my heart. I also love to re-read a cleverly written plot. I have to go back and see the clues I missed or absorb how the story was woven together. I love clever plot writing.

DK - What book are you currently reading and in what format?
DRW - I am not currently reading anything. I have been extremely busy finishing Phoenix Rising and decorating the house. I haven’t had time, but I plan to start a new book soon.

DK - What new authors have grabbed your attention, and why?
DRW - Paul Windham. I have yet to read his book, but I am hoping to grab a copy soon. It sounds like an interesting story. I also have a friend in India who is writing his first long novel. I can’t wait for him to finish and to be able to see what he has accomplished. I know how hard it is when you’re first starting out. I love to support and help people who are a little behind me on the author journey.

DK - Your thoughts on receiving book reviews - the good and the bad
DRW - Obviously I love to receive good reviews. It makes writing so worthwhile when you know someone has loved your book enough to give it a great review. Every author needs them. Many readers buy books on reviews. I always expect to receive some bad reviews. It’s just part of the territory. You can never please everyone and there will always be those that don’t like an author’s style of writing or story. If the reader has a legitimate complaint about the book, it can help an author to make improvements in the quality of their work.

DK - If you were deserted on an island, who are three famous people you would want with you, and why?
DRW - To be honest, if I was deserted on an island, the only people I would want with me are my family. I can’t live without my husband, for a start. He is my one true love. Famous people don’t hold a candle to my loved ones. They are my everything.

DK - Do you have a nickname?
DRW - Not really. My husband calls me sweet things. He has certain nicknames for me, but I’m not sharing those!

DK - Did you have a favourite toy as a child?
DRW - I was a Barbie girl!

DK - An early childhood memory
DRW - I have so many treasured memories of my childhood. I had the best parents in the world. One of my earliest memories is of being told bedtime stories with my sister. Sometimes my mum or dad would make up a story and sometimes they read from a book. I loved those times.

DK - Any pets that you would like to tell us about?
DRW - I have a small dog, which I adore. She is beautiful and so sweet.

DK - What’s your poison?
DRW - I don’t drink alcohol. I hate how it makes me feel.

DK - Coffee or tea?
DRW - I like both, but I usually drink tea. What can I say, I’m English! Earl Grey is the best tea there is!

DK - Do you have a favourite food?
DRW - I love most foods, but I am a terror for Chocolate! Yum!

DK - Do you like to cook, and if so what? 
DRW - I am not really much of a cook! I do like to bake sometimes. A cake or muffins. I find baking very relaxing.

DK - If you had to choose - Starter or Pudding?
DRW - It would be pudding every time!

DK - What do you eat for breakfast?
DRW - Usually toast and a mug of tea. If it’s hot weather, I often have cereal.

DK - Name three things you never leave home without (apart from keys, money and phone)?
DRW - Tissues. I always have those in case I need one. Apart from that, nothing. I am a very non-materialistic female. I often go for a walk with nothing but my keys and tissues in a pocket.

DK - Sleep in, or get up early?
DRW - I am a fairly early riser. Usually about 7.30 am.

DK - Your favourite gadget
DRW - I don’t have one, unless you include my laptop. I’m not sure that qualifies as a gadget.

DK - Where is one place in the world that you would really love to visit?
DRW - I would love to see more of the US. I have been to a couple of States, but there is so much more to see! It is such a beautiful country and I love the people.

DK - One of your favourite quotes
DRW - ‘A professional write is an amateur who didn’t quit.’ I love that quote. I often read it if I have a crisis of confidence. It pulls me through every time.

DK - List three books you just recently read and would recommend?
DRW - I think recently would be stretching it, since it’s been a while since I had time to read. Three books I would recommend to anyone would be, Legend by David Gemmell. That book made me laugh and cry. I have never forgotten it. Fabulous story with unforgettable characters. Forever His by Shelly Thacker. A wonderful time travel romance. Last would be A Cry at Midnight by Victoria Chancellor. Another time travel romance that was simply fantastic.

DK - List three of your favourite all time movies?
DRW - That’s tough. I have so many favourites, it’s a bit like picking your favourite child! Three movies I have always loved and watched many times are The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (The original with Danny Kaye, not the remake), Brigadoon, and In the Good old Summertime. As you can see, I do like the oldies. Love those films!

DK - Name a new movie you recently enjoyed or disliked?
DRW - I recently watched Thor, the Dark World with my husband. I quite enjoyed it, but not as much as the first one. I found the subtitles for the dark elves came on and off the screen too fast to read them properly, which was slightly annoying! On the whole, it was a good movie and I would probably watch it again sometime.

DK - Where can your readers find you?
DRW - Here are all my links:


Book Synopsis 

How can Fairy Godmothers help their charges find love in the modern world when nobody believes in magic anymore? Simple, they run a dating agency!
Rhys Spencer is determined to prevent his rich father from shutting down the charity he set up for kids in gangs, but he needs the money from a trust fund to do it. However, his grandmother has withheld the funds until he proves himself to be a mature, responsible person. To her mind, that means Rhys being in a serious relationship. Rhys turns to the Fairy Tale Match to find a woman he can use as a fake girlfriend. He will do all it takes to claim the money that will thwart his father’s selfish plans. The feisty woman the agency sets him up with, will not stand in his way.
Taylor Shore has more complications in her life than anyone should have to deal with. Guardian to her two half-siblings since their parents’ deaths, she has her hands full with their constant troublemaking. The last thing she needs is to win the prize in a dating agency competition she never entered. Furious to find her friend entered for her, Taylor is determined to send her prize packing. The guy that turns up to stay with her for three weeks, however, has other plans in mind. Refusing to be ordered from her house, the arrogant man offers her a deal she’d be a fool to refuse.
As Rhys inserts himself into Taylor’s problems, he begins to turn her life around. The angry fireworks between them gives way to a passionate love. Just as they find happiness, a vicious lie told by Taylor’s sister breaks them apart. Flo and Lotta have their work cut out for them to bring Rhys and Taylor back together. Time is against them and tragedy lurks on the horizon. Can Flo and Lotta save the day, or will Rhys and Taylor lose the precious love they have found forever….


Her jaw dropped open and she stared at him disbelievingly. “You can’t be serious. You want me to be a fake girlfriend and lie to your grandmother? Why?”
He folded his arms over his chest. “You didn’t want to tell me why you were hanging from a window earlier, and I don’t want to tell you why I need you to do this.” He gazed at her with one eyebrow cocked. “I’ll stay out of your business if you stay out of mine.”
“It’s hardly the same thing!” she protested. “You expect me to lie for you. I should at least know why. It’s a despicable thing to pull the wool over your own grandmother’s eyes. I knew there had to be some reason why you’d joined a dating agency! It’s because of this, whatever this is, isn’t it?” She didn’t even wait for a reply. “Why am I not surprised?”
Her tone told him she expected nothing less from him. Rhys contemplated her reaction. She was unlikely to help him just because he’d saved her from that fall. He needed to sweeten the deal.
“I tell you what, you do this for me and I’ll not only call us even on the favour front, but I’ll pay you five grand if you pull it off. What do you say?”
She gaped at him and shook her head. “I have to have heard you wrong. Did you say you’d pay me five grand to be your fake girlfriend?”
“I did,” he confirmed, “but only if you are convincing enough that my grandmother believes it.”
Taylor stared into space. He could almost see the wheels whirling round in her head. “I’m not sure how comfortable I am with this. Do you guarantee me that this is nothing untoward? I don’t want to find out that I’ve helped you do something illegal or immoral.”
“You wound me with your lack of trust.” He clasped a hand to his chest.
She snorted. “Like I care. Well?”
“I can guarantee you that nobody will be hurt by this, nor are my reasons immoral or illegal.” He held out a hand. “Do we have an agreement?”
“How do I know that you’ll pay me? I could do everything you ask and then you could simply renege on the deal.” She ignored his hand and cast him a challenging glare.
Taylor obviously had severe trust issues. Rhys could relate. “I will pay you half in good faith, now. You will receive the other half when the task is complete. Sound fair?”
Taylor gazed at him for several moments. Her lips twisted to one side and she chewed on the corner of her mouth. Finally, she held out her hand. “Okay, you have a deal. God knows what I’m getting myself into, but I’ll do it.”

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 I would like to thank Danielle Rose-West for allowing us the chance to have a chat with her, and for giving us a glimpse into her writing world. I'd also like to wish her all the best with her book launch on Friday of Phoenix Rising.