Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A fantastic review of The Eleventh Hour by Daniel Kaye.

One reader's thoughts on The Eleventh Hour.

"I don't often read short stories as I find it hard to get "involved" with characters or situations in such a brief amount of time.

It wasn't the case with this book. There are many scenarios, emotional expressions and unexpected outcomes that I won't forget easily.

"The Borrowed Book" is a "safe" opening but it leads to darker territory with the atmospheric "Lost in the mist" and the heart breaking - and sadly topical - response of a family to their Son's military death, in "The Letter".

I don't know what Daniel Kaye draws on for material or inspiration but "Guilt" is a horribly real account of depression and bereavement.

Rather than imagining an author finding writing "cathartic", you can't help bu think that there is some savage soul bearing going on in this collection. "My true self" whether "true" or not, highlights Daniel Kaye's high level of self-awareness, coupled with an apparent low level of self-regard. This excruciating pairing reflects - for me - the equally awkward union of courageous writing and uncomfortable reading.
I really liked it."

The Eleventh Hour - A collection of eleven dark fiction short stories by, Daniel Kaye.

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