Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Why Write A Book If You Won't Promote It?

Why Write A Book If You Won't Promote It?

People write books and a chunk of them don’t get published—but many do. Of those that get published, only a small percentage are marketed and promoted in a substantial way. A lack of vision, knowledge, resources or courage impacts which books are promoted and marketed well. I often wonder why people go through the effort or expense to write and publish a book, only to let it die a quiet death because there was little or no marketing to support it. If I can impart this nugget of wisdom, it’s this: You should promote and market your book, even if you have a publisher, even if you have to pay for it. Otherwise, there’s a great chance your book will fail or under sell, leaving you with a smaller brand, a tinier circle of influence in the world of ideas, and a greater chance your next book won’t succeed—if it even gets published. 

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