Sunday, January 30, 2011

I, Vladimir - Reader's Comments.

 A few readers comments that have been made on my novel  'I, Vladimir'.
The story which will travel through time and tells the tale of the oldest living vampire, Vladimir; his struggles living along side humans; which was sometimes more out of convenience than one of mutual understanding-
"Your characters are all so distinctly visible, and you have the tension knot strained perfectly."

"Well paced narrative with great detail and a wealth of imaginative creativity."

"Historically, this is minutely documented, making it more realistic than fantasy."

"I never would have read a vampire story before, but this has gripped me all along - testimony as to how great a novel it is."

1 comment:

  1. Great character in Vladmir... humane but not human. Caring and consoling but still driven by desires that are carnal and base. It takes skill to convey such a complicated personality well, and Kaye accomplishes this in spades. It's as if he were born to it.