Saturday, February 26, 2011

Deal Gone Bad

I recently took a challenge to write a story compiled of tagless dialogue only, I hope you enjoy it.

Warning Contains Swearing.

Deal Gone Bad

“I told you not to ring my mobile John.”
“I know, but I’m fucking worried.”
“Did you give them the money?”
“Yea, but…”
“Yea but what?”
“Paul I gave him the money, and that was it.”
“What did he say?”
“What do you mean nothing?”
“Not a word, not one single word.”
“John he must have said something.”
“Not a thing.”
“Well what happened when you gave it to him.”
“He looked in the bag, flicked through a few notes and just looked up at me.”
“Did you say anything?”
“I said we were sorry, that we didn’t know they were his drugs.”
“That was it, he just looked up at me, I thought that was it Paul, I thought they were going to do me there and then.”
“So what happened?”
“The goon that let me in opened the door and told me to get out.”
“So we’re okay then?”
“I don’t know I’ve seen the same van pass me twice.”
“You’re being paranoid.”
“I’ve got every right to be fucking paranoid, you weren’t there.”
“Yea alright, calm down.”
“How’s your leg?”
“It hurts like hell, and it’s still bleeding.”
“Can’t you go to the hospital and get it checked out?”
“Don’t be so fucking stupid, you know they’ll call the old bill the minute they see a gunshot wound.”
“What you going to do?”
“I’ll get it sorted later.”
“There’s that fucking van again, it’s the same one. I knew I was being followed.”
“Keep moving John.”


“John, fucking answer me.”

“John’s dead fool, you’re next.”

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