Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why I Write

Inspired by the ‘Why I Write’ hash tag from Twitter, better known as #whyiwrite, and a blog I follow, here is why I write.

I started to write about eighteen months ago, to this day I could not tell you why, maybe it was my love for reading. My biggest love is the horror genre especially James Herbert, an English writer. I put pen to paper for the first time since leaving school, trying to echo the greats, such as Herbert. When my wife read them, she gave me such fantastic comments; from that moment on, I was hooked.

I have stories bursting from my mind, if only there was enough time to get them all written down before they escaped from me forever. The more comments I received the more I wanted to write, a vicious circle some may say, but not me.

I have been lucky, in the last twelve months I have had a number of short stories accepted for publication, from webzines and the local paper to anthologies. I am currently working on my first novel and I love it.

My name is Daniel Kaye, and I am addicted to writing.

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