Sunday, March 30, 2014

Catching up, and Building Your Author Platform.

Hi all,

Wow what a week!
My last blog piece Applying For Your ITIN was read by the fantastic Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin from She asked me if I was interested in padding it out slightly with information about myself, such as why I was applying for an ITIN, and would I be interested in her hosting it on her website., The Home of Irish Writing Online, is Ireland’s largest writing related website, so it was a great honour to be asked. Here is the completed article on the website
              The rest of this week has also been busy, between some rewrites and edits on my first novel I, Vladimir, I’ve also been working on something we call Building Your Author Platform.
Building your author platform as I see it, is very like preparing to launch a new business. There’s no point on the first day opening the doors to new premises, without putting up the signs above the doors and not advertising or announcing in the local press beforehand who you are or what you are providing as a company. Like any business, you advertise in advance, you let people know what you’re going to be providing and you let people know when you’ll be opening. In the same way, if you wait until your novel is due for release it may be too late and you could be left wondering why it’s not selling.

Building Your Author Platform works in a similar way, you interact with people through the various social medias, slowly building up an audience of people who will be interested in you and your book when the launch finally comes. Remember the golden rule though, it’s not all about your book, it really is about interaction and the sharing of information.

How is it done?  Very simply really, help each other out, give reviews, help by sharing others launch dates and news, and use all of the social medias that are available to us - we’ve all heard the phrase Pay It Forward.
I’m not a hoarder of information, I believe in sharing everything I find of interest. At the moment I am spending a lot of time looking into Building Author Platforms so if you’d like to learn more or indeed want to share anything you may find of interest, please do. You can find me on my Facebook and Twitter pages, links are below.

All the best,
Daniel Kaye x